(Guest Website By Anon) A Guest Site:A Young Girl And Her Body Image Problems - Body image changes the self-esteem of young people every day. It affected mine for years. I was scared to let anyone see me, because I did not think that folks would tolerate me.I suffered from an eating disorder for years. It began when I was just entering http://nude… Read More

proved to be a red herring for some scholars workingin the field of ancient athletic contest. Misled by what appeared to them to record the before athletic perizoma, some hypothesized that Thucydides' remark onthe recent change to nudity referred to its reintroduction in the fifth century B.C. after an interruption ofthe early tradition.123There ar… Read More

Many people get all hung up about who is a "true" naturist or naturist. Me, I don't care about labeling folks. I recall about 10 years ago a Florida TV station was at Haulover beach inquiring naked sunbathers, "Are you a nudist?" Every single group of people asked said no, they just liked to sunbathe naked. Only 1 old guy by himself said http://nu… Read More

something unique. No longer does it mean vulnerability; it means, on the contrary, the readiness to stand upand fight even though one knew one was exposed. Ithas to do with military valor which necessitates riskingone's life, being completely exposed. The girls were keptcovered because it meant they were protected, not exposed to risk. The relation… Read More

BN Youth Officer from 2008-2011 (this was originally posted on the Bare Times 1/7/2#2012012)British Naturism - Leah Thomas, our Youth Officer for British Naturism (and leader of YBN) for the previous 3 years, has now resigned from her official place, to appreciate a more laid back role in the whole world of YBN.So now has come the time for Leah to … Read More